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Inside the Newborn support bag, you will find a Dr Brown cleft bottle and teat, which is designed for babies with a cleft palate. It allows the easy regulation of milk flow, better milk intake for the baby, no spillage, and helps to reduce time & energy to feed.  We’re happy to include this as a freebie for you.

0-6 Months: Lip Repair
The Lip Repair support bag includes a cute personalised teddy bear with your child’s name and a matching scar.

No description available.

6-18 Months: Palate Repair
The palate repair support bag includes some wonderful freebies for you. In this bag, you will find a personalized jumpsuit for your child, the Speech Pathology Australia’s book of the year and Heinz soft spoons which assist with feeding.No description available.

7-15 Years: Bone Graft
Our bone graft bags include a wide choice of gift cards, perfect for every connected child and their device. Your child has a choice between a gift card for iTunes (for Apple devices), Google Play (Android), Xbox Live, PlayStation Plus, or Netflix. These are all great, and help take your child’s mind off their recovery!

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