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    Rosie Clarke
    · October 5, 2016
    I contacted CCA looking for some advice after returning to Australia, needing to finish my treatment but finding it difficult as I was now over 18. I spoke to c...ountless unhelpful hospital receptionists and government reps before Jasmine, who was absolutely lovely and gave up a week of her time to chase answers for me. She kindly offered to help with any fundraising I might need. Luckily, I was able to save up enough to pay privately for my own treatment but Jasmine was the only person I reached out to who was empathetic and genuinely did everything she could to help. I hope Australian parents with cleft kids find CCA, as it seems like a great resource. See More
    Erin McPherson
    · October 31, 2016
    Thank you for all the support and effort that you provide �
    We are so excited, just seen the trailer for WIN Sunshine Coast News for tonight. Channel 8 @ 7pm.
    We had tears in our eyes watching. Here is our story on WIN News. Thank you WIN News.
    Cleft Connect Australia 2016

    To every person who has donated, to every business who has supported us with their money and expertise these are some of the families you have helped. Share this with your friends to help raise awareness for Cleft Lip and Palate.

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    Archie's cleft lip was diagnosed at 20 week scan soft palate was detected at birth, has been Breastfeeding from birth without any difficulties 😊
    Lip and palate repair is in March Archie will be 6 1/2 months old . We are so in love with this beautiful boys smile but blessed that soon he will have a new smile for us to fall in love with all over again 💙

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    Marina Blomfield What a beautiful beautiful smile he is so happy a credit to you both he is so loved no matter what l hope Archies smile is as beautiful when it is done hope all goes well luv Uncle Buck and Aunty Marina
    Marian Maz Amood What a precious little boy. Just perfect.

    Every pregnant mother goes into each ultrasound with excitement, trepidation and everything crossed that their tiny little baby is developing well.

    Sara Heller and her partner chose to share photos of their baby online in the hope that they could normalise and bring awareness to cleft lip and palate.
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    A place for cleft families to come and share their stories. This page is a positive and supportive page open to anyone who would like to gain more information about clefts, is expecting a cleft baby or wants to support families with clefts.

    All knowledge and support is welcome :)

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    Breaking down the barriers for Rural patients in city hospitals - Brisbane

    Just incase anyone happens to be flying in to Brisbane tomorrow I will be at the airport just after 10 am to pick a Mum n child up. If anyone else is going to b...e there around then, I am happy to offer a lift. If you know anyone flying in for appts please let them know.
    I will also be at airport around 8 am but on a tight schedule on Tuesday and dropping off to airport around 12pm leaving the city. So if i can save someone a taxi fare I am happy to help.

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    We never know a "parent"s love" until we become parents ourselves. Something more incredible than our cleft children is the parents who find the strength and courage they never knew they had. They stand beside their children with a full smile, love and support yet at all times hiding their worries. Their children grow up with the best memories of childhood and it's not until adulthood that they realize the super efforts their parents put in to get them to that point in life. #cleftastic #imaparenttoacleftastickid

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    To all the babies in the world born with a cleft lip/palate, you are all #cleftastic

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