Full Bio:

My story with Cleft Connect Australia is fairly simple. When I watched my daughter and son in law going through the birth of their son who had a cleft lip and palate and the trials and tribulations that followed, I knew something had to be done to help future families. Medical outcomes in Australia are fantastic however any help, knowledge and awareness with specific Australian issues that cleft children have was nowhere to be found.

The closest was a state based “charity” that wants you to pay and has a commercial agenda. This was nowhere near good enough for our country so Cleft Connect Australia was born.

I run a small business myself and my role in CCA is to help raise funds outside of the families we help. We, at CCA never give any medical advice, we are all volunteers and take no money for our work and we help as many families as we can with the money that we raise. It is a that simple I am passionate about keeping CCA to these core values regardless of how big we get. I hope we at CCA grow and grow so that awareness of the cleft lip and palate conditions is widely known and therefore if as a parent you get a diagnosis of a cleft you will already have an idea of what you lies ahead.

You might be less likely to consider abortion as some scan “experts” might suggest. You might be less upset when an ignorant nurse asks you why you are not breastfeeding. You might be less upset when a family/friend has a shocked and not loving reaction to your newborn. You might be less upset when people want to take away the absolute joy of your pregnancy and new born. The more knowledge we can arm families and soon to be families with, the less power all those ignorant and misinformed people have.