Full Bio:

I became involved with Cleft Connect Australia after my beautiful daughter Montana was born. It was somewhat of a shock as I had no idea until birth that she was going to have a cleft. After 8 days in hospital Montana was discharged with a feeding tube. I had no idea at this stage of even the correct feeding equipment. Finding the cleft team in Brisbane and later the support from CCA and the feeling of “warmth” from other cleft families within the group helped me so much.  I feel I am the perfect person to help because of my experiences.

My role in CCA is to be the person you can turn to for support. I’m here if you need to chat or want some advice. Because I have been in your shoes and understand how you are feeling please feel free to ask me anything. If I don’t know I am a bit of a tiger and will find out for you. I want you to feel supported and know you are not alone in this “cleft journey”. I run a small business called Mini Moni and we make the most beautiful kids clothing. I have been helping raise money for CCA to help more and more families receive the CCA hospital support bags. I know it is so easy to become overwhelmed especially in the early stages but know that it all works out in the end and they grow up into happy little people. Please do not let the fear and worry overtake what is such an exciting time bringing a new baby into this world. Enjoy the ride and if you have any worries or questions please feel free to call.