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Archie’s cleft lip was diagnosed at 20 week scan soft palate was detected at birth, has been Breastfeeding from birth without any difficulties 😊 Lip and palate repair is in March Archie will be 6 1/2 months old . We are so in love with this beautiful boys smile but blessed that soon he will […]

Xavier & Cooper

This is Xavier left and Cooper right.. Both where born with incomplete palates.. Both were not detected til 5hrs old


Kingston was born with an undiagnosed unilateral lip & partial palate

Montana’s Unique Smile

There is a million thoughts that run through your head when you are told your baby has a cleft. Did I cause it? Could it have been prevented? How badly will my baby be affected? The list goes on. I don’t think you can even know everything about the condition your baby has but in […]

A Whole New World

After 8 long days in hospital we were finally discharged. After another two days in Rockhampton making sure I could feed and look after Montana’s NGT we were given to Okay to head home. The first weeks of being home were a blur. They consisted of feeding Montana, expressing to feed Montana and sleeping. I’m […]

Montana’s Birth Story

Nothing could prepare you for meeting your baby for the first time. After all the scans, blood tests and doctors appointments it was almost time to meet my baby girl. After my waters broke on Monday morning the 22nd of August, I thought for sure she would be here later that day, however she had […]

Guilt of a cleft mum

   I will never forget sitting there, nearly in tears. I had spilt my milk. I was so distraught. The first thought that entered my mind was the old saying about not crying over spilt milk. This was clearly not aimed at mothers expressing such milk. I felt like the world had crashed around me. […]